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Earbud Recommendation: Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+

You can spend tons of money pursuing great audio, but sometimes a phone and great pair of wireless earbuds is all you need for casual or on the run listening.  Apple’s and Beats’ products and their clones are ubiquitous and serve their purpose, but a great bang for the buck at the moment (due to manufacturer discounts and the strong dollar against the pound) are the Melomania 1+ from venerable British firm Cambridge Audio at $59//pair.  Relatively new to earphones/headphones, they scored a couple of years ago with the first version of this product at around $140, but this updated version available for $59 at the www.cambridgeaudio.com website (or of course from Amazon, if you can’t wait the extra couple of days for delivery) is a steal.  The bullet shaped earbuds feature a single graphene driver in each unit capable of full and tight bass with a natural musical response through the audio spectrum. It’s really hard to believe sound so rich comes from something so small.  Additionally, these wireless earbuds feature the more recent Bluetooth 5.0 codec, a “find my buds” (like a find my phone) feature from the app, and boast 9 hours of play on a charge, plus another 35 hours from the charging case – which is conveniently about the size of a tic tac box.  The Melomania is managed via a phone app which enables you to download software upgrades (battery management), monitor charge, and best of all tweak the sound signature through an easy to use equalizer, so these can suit almost any musical taste (and you can adjust on the fly for different types of music).  The product comes in a black or white version, each with a nice assortment of ear tips (foam and silicon) for varying sized ears and isolation preferences.  Surprisingly good mic for phone calls, as well.  Reviews are universally strong – the only reservation being these may be a bit much for small ears, even when using smaller tips.    We’ve owned dozens of wired and wireless earbuds and iems, but keep coming back to these for convenience and sound quality (no matter the price).  Try ’em and if not for you make someone else very happy with these as a gift – or better yet, keep a pair, and grab a couple more at this price for holiday stocking-stuffers.  (As an added bonus, the aesthetics of the Melomania have earned them a spot as one of only two earphones sold at the NYC Museum Of Modern Art Store!)

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