Add HiRes Music Streaming to your Analog Audio System

Tired of bluetooth speakers or otherwise trying to figure out how to stream music through a legacy stereo system? Stereophile magazine recently introduced us to a low-cost, easy to use audio “puck” that may be what the doctor ordered.  The WiiM Mini Airplay 2 Wireless Audio Streamer (from Wiim’s Website or Amazon for $85 to $100 depending on your shopping acumen) is a small hockey puck shaped device that let’s you stream music from your favorite music app(s) directly via Wifi through the WiiM Mini an into your non-digital stereo system or powered speakers — via either an RCA cable to your auxiliary input or via optical cable if you want to use an external DAC.  An entry level DAC [phone quality] is built into the device if you go the RCA jack route, and both RCA and Toslink cables come in the package. To install and operate the WiiM Mini your phone or tablet becomes the controller – once connected you simply direct your music stream to the WiiM device and your music plays in hi-res audio (up to 24bit/192khz depending on your music source – which is essentially CD quality).  Set up is via the WiiM app, using your home or office Wifi, which takes only a couple of minutes).  Runs of a 5v USB-C charge (cable included but not a charge-adapter).  We use one at ListenUpOKC with an outboard digital analog converter (DAC), and prefer it to several devices costing many times more for convenience and stability of stream.  If you have a legacy stereo system and aren’t yet streaming, or otherwise want to upgrade your sound from blue tooth (you will hear the difference immediately), this is a no brainer. Here’s a link to the Stereophile review – rarely do they cover any product at this price point, let alone rave about it.

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