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Oklahoma is known for producing country stars like Toby and Garth, Reba and Carrie, great songwriters like Jimmy Webb, guitar greats like Vince Gill, and world-changing personalities like Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie.

But in 2023, who is carrying the torch of country music in the streets of the city and honky tonks of our small towns? Who are the road warriors representing Oklahoma on the Texas Tour circuits, and the out and back legs to the east and west? And who are the recording artists occupying Spotify playlists and radio in the USA and beyond? And who is buying tour buses to haul gear, guys, and gals, across God’s green earth?

One could say Corey Kent, who signed a major label deal last year whose record “Wild As Her” certified platinum in February 2023. Or Kylie Morgan, who now resides in Nashville, and was nominated for a CMT Award this month. These are strong candidates, and I continue to discover and meet new musicians working in the Country and Western vein; like Johnny Woods, a small-town man making regular appearances at OKC’s local song swaps and putting together tours and independent releases of original country music.

Last year, I became closely acquainted with touring OKC songwriter Jeremy Rowe, and because I have an in with him, Jeremy will be here at THE SOUNDBAR with his band on March 29th, at 8pm. 

Jeremy Rowe Band with Kyle Dillingham at Choctaw Labor Day Fest 2022

Jeremy and the boys have curated a playlist of some of the band’s favorite songs. A combination of tunes that play in the bluetooth speaker on the tour bus, cover songs he performs on stage, and original country music from JR and his peers. We also requested that Jeremy select some vinyl records from THE SOUNDBAR’s Country bins to play on the magnificent Klipschhorn Speakers. The night’s playlist will begin at 6pm, and the meet-and-greet portion will kick off around 8pm.

Jeremy’s group is all based here in Oklahoma City, and we’re looking forward to listening to selections from the debut album, “Tonight I’m Feelin’ Country” as well as previews of Jeremy Rowe’s new music, some of which is recorded as slated to release later this year.

The group also has upcoming performances in Yukon, Edmond, and other places in central Oklahoma this year. The group will look forward to meeting fans at THE SOUNDBAR and inviting y’all to our upcoming local appearances.

This event is free and all ages. THE SOUNDBAR is located near the corner of 6th and Broadway in Automobile Alley, Downtown OKC. Check our calendar for full list of upcoming special events.

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